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The world post-pandemic has shifted towards the digital, and education is seeking to embrace this change. But is online the only change we need?

Besides the medium of instruction money from offline to online. there's been a number of other changes.

Dissemination vs Discussion

Online education was never considered of value not only because of accreditation. But also because it lacked a conversational or interactive experience. Most courses offered only pre-recorded videos which acted as lectures. Post lecture interaction was restricted to forums with little or no incentive to interact with peers.

Course completion was the primary goal and accolades were endorsements of endurance rather than interest and involvement.

A course completion certificate meant you had stayed the course and passed the standard tests of capability.

And this was one of the reasons online education never got its due. The element of interaction and discussion was assumed to be absent and thus on comparable to physical education.

The advent of new age cohort based live courses online has made discussion more likely. Breakout rooms on Zoom sessions allow for P2P interaction on the midst of a love lecture offerty students the benefit of astruction and dos assom. With more fine tuned nuance, this model of instructor will easily overtake the traditional model. There seems to me no reason to revert back to the offline model of traditional education. What do you think?

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Institution vs Individual

When you join a college or institution, you don't know anything about who your tutor is going to be. All you know is where you're going to study and what you're going to study. I think education is a very personal relationship of knowledge transfer and I would like to know the person I'm learning from. I would like to relate to him/her and develop a bond that will make learning fun and organic.

Instead I'm left with practically no lasting relationship despite investing years of my life. Not to mention fidelity towards a brick & mortar institution which really is an inanimate relation at best. An association that is nothing more than as a social badge of endorsement.

With modern live internet courses, my interactions with the instructor is similar to what I'd get in a physical college environment. The key difference is that I chose to learn from the individual and not the institution he represents. I embrace this shift towards a more apprentice type of learning. This is what we need in a world increasingly growing cold and distant.

The warmth of personalised learning is exactly what we need as we recover from the calamity that has struck us all.

Video Warmth

On the subject of warmth, video comes to mind. Something I've never explored as a medium of personal expression. However my experience of live video based learning has opened my eyes to the magic of this medium.

And I cant think of anyone better to deliver that experience than Cam Houser. If you haven't already met him on my newsletter. he's the guy who gave the world the gratitude attack!

Enough talk, let's get you on video already. You know by now that I don’t endorse products or services for a fee or kickbacks. If i’m endorsing him or quite literally pushing him down your throats, it’s because I believe it's good for you. So what are you waiting for? Remember,

Video or it didn’t happen…


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