Kindergarten for Adults

Make Man Kind Again

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When you think of the word kindergarten, you imagine little infants who have learned to finally walk into early childhood. But what’s that do to do with adults?

As an adult, you probably are the owner/parent/caretaker/baby sitter of one such child. If I told you to go to kindergarten instead, would you be willing?

Why do Adults need Kindergarten?

Before we get into the how of things, let's just look at why this is imperative. Building better education systems for children is the need of the hour. But first, let's consider the simple truth that better adults make better children.

Once you let that sink in, let's reframe that to

happy adults make happy children

And that right there is the shift in education, learning, and community building we need - increasing the ‘happiness quotient’.

Chase Happiness not Knowledge

Your time in kindergarten is focused more on entertainment than education. It's not how much you can learn but how much fun it is for you to learn.

Break More. Make More

Failure is not frowned upon, rather it is expected. Children can break their own creations with as much glee and enthusiasm as they make them.

Everything is more Fun together

Whether you're building a castle with building blocks or painting your crayon masterpiece, sharing and playing together is the norm. Collaborate, not compete.

There's plenty we can learn from kindergarten, without even attempting to. And this experience where fun is the primary objective and learning is merely the collateral benefit is why adults need a kindergarten.

I know Kindergarten means garden of children, but maybe we can think of it as a kinder garden; a space where we can be kind to ourselves and not feel pressured to perform. Space where we can feel free to play!


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