Imprisoned in Kindergarten

Learn to Play Nice or else..

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On a call with a delightfully eclectic gentleman Joel Christiansen, we were discussing the subject of Play being the panacea of all mankind’s woes. Today I’m gonna discuss a problem quite apart from anything childlike and playful.

Violent crimes and devious behavior land the worst of society’s deviants in prisons across the world. We may call them correctional facilities, but those inside don’t share the same sentiment.

Prison is Boring

The basic building blocks of life’s bare necessities are amply provided for. You get a roof over your head, a pillow under your head, food thrice a day, and sunlight plus physical activity once a day.

You have people all around you and also have the time and space to be by yourself and your thoughts. Why then does prison seem like a punishing experience?

It’s a closed-loop routine with no possibility of variance at all. Most people are stuck in similar or worse routines at work. But the possibility of change or a pivoting experience offers hope of excitement.

Kindergarten is Fun

What if we gave inmates a chance to play, all day? What’s the worst that could happen? They would have fun, that’s what.

And in the process of playing like kindergarten kids (same kind of games), they would rewire their brains to a new way to get happy and high.

Which essentially means they ‘correct’ their previously ingrained behaviors to seek pleasure only through crime and substance.

Now that’s what a correctional facility is supposed to provide - an environment and an opportunity to change.

Everyone wants Fun

Everyone wants to get high, be happy, and have fun. As adults, we seem to believe that our needs for joy can only be met by material assets and experiences.

However, as age eventually shows us, all we want is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with each other.

And providing for such a simple yet delightful experience is the hallmark of a kindergarten experience. Perhaps it’s time to return to the basics and rediscover unadulterated joy.


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