Get your Game Face on!

Your Mask is more 'You' than You

🕹️ Welcome to the Playpen. Let’s explore transforming stress to bliss by invoking the spirit of play in daily life. I aim to put a smile on your face, laugh in your belly, tickle thru your brain and scare in your gut 🙂🤣🧠😱

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There’s an overwhelming need to be productive today. If you are not productive, someone else will take your place. If you are productive, you want to test the boundaries of your productivity.

Regardless of whether the fuel for this drive is fear or desire, the journey is going to be difficult or a struggle to sustain.

What can make it easy is play!

Yes, having fun is the secret sauce of productivity that perhaps you’re not quite ready to believe.

When you work towards improving your productivity, you’re already saying you’re not good enough. Even if this works, it’s more effort than it’s worth.

What if you could play towards better productivity rather than work towards it?

Fake Face

I wonder if there’s anyone out there who’s yet to hear the adage "Fake it to make it." And also the variant "Fake it till you make it."

This comes from a place of scarcity, of not feeling productive enough. Of feeling the need to fake it because you’re not quite there yet.

Of course, you can always visualize the ‘future you’ triumphant over the process you’re embarking on. But that places the emphasis on the end result, not the joy of the game at hand.

But what if there’s another way to focus on and enjoy the game? The way of play!

Game Face

Imagine you’re the best at what you do. So damn good that you couldn’t be bothered with the stress of performance. For you, this is child’s play!

You may wonder if this is fake too. It would be but for the fact that you know this feeling. Go back to your childhood and remember that feeling of supreme cool and effortless ease with which you used to play.

Your game face is NOT one of determination, focus, and urgency. Instead, let your game face exude passion, ease, fluidity, and joy.

Do Try This At Home

Let’s make this even more fun by literally making masks. Draw different types of masks that depict your playful, fun, cool, and joyous self.

The next time you’re on a deadline, don your favorite mask and imbibe the qualities associated with it.

Remember, you’re the superhero of your life, and the most strenuous of tasks are but child’s play to you.


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