Fear of Play

Why can't you Play all-day?

🕹️ Welcome to the Playpen. Let’s explore transforming stress to bliss by invoking the spirit of play in daily life. I aim to put a smile on your face, laugh in your belly, tickle thru your brain and scare in your gut 🙂🤣🧠😱

On my weekly Playtime calls, I ask everyone how many hours a week they play. The number never matches the work hours. As adults, we often hesitate to engage in the magical experience of play. And when we do, it’s just a quick dip in the kiddy pool.

Why? The fear is two-fold.

Fear of Being Naked

Expressing oneself is harder as an adult. We’re more comfortable with small talk and social pleasantries forming the bulk of the conversation.

What sets children apart is honesty. What we call brutal honesty is but natural to them. There is no room for small talk, only real talk. The conversation revolves around fear and desire.

Children are comfortable sharing both their fears and desires without the shame and guilt we associate with as adults.

So the first step to getting into the playground involves getting comfortable with the naked self. No hiding behind social constructs, roles, and identities.

Fear of the Dark

I’m not referring to actual pitch darkness but the uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen. While everything about the process of work feels under control, but while playing, nothing is set in stone.

Note, I’m referring to just play and not a sport. When you see kids playing in the kindergarten playground, there is no fixed game plan, agenda, pre-game huddle, or post-game debrief.

This sheer black canvas of possibility actually scares the adult in us, more than it thrills. So let’s accept the darkness, the unknown, the impossible, and embrace the possibilities that lie within.

Trust the emptiness of play and let it fill you with joy.
Stop playing in the kiddy pool and take that leap into deep waters!

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